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2011 2013 2014 2015 above airport alamos alpe anade azulon anade real anas platyrhynchos anatra animals another ants aphidis appenzell architecture art ascona autumn bahia bahia kino bas beach bee bellinzona bike birds bisse bisses boat bodensee bolle bolle di magadino borago officinalis bordei borretsch butterfly canard carneval caterpillar celebration celebrationsholidays centovalli cevio church ciel cimalmotto clouds contra copenhagen country countryside crestasee cristallina d'en dalpe dam dawn decoration dehors desert diana fiora distel duck dusk easter editedand2more editedand4more eischen elodie elodie fiora emaney ente essais etoy eurasian coot exhibition family farm fauna flora festival festivals festivities festivités feuersalamander field finals fire salamander fireworks fleurs flowers fog foliage forest fused fêtes garden germano reale glacier grynderup hacienda hdr hermosillo hillo holidays home house hoverfly hunting ibex insects item itemssubjects jardin kino lac lago lago maggiore lake lakeshore land landscape lice life light lightening lightning lights locarno location luci lucomagno lungolago macro macroworld magadino maggia maggiore mallard mappo martigny mergoscia mexico minusio moment monte monte tamaro monti monti motti moon motti mountains mushroom nature night nightfall nightime nufenen nuit objet oiseaux ombre onsernone openair outdoor outside pano panorama pays pelicano pelikan plantes plants portrait promenade quinta quoi rabadan rasa raupe ritom river robiei saison salamandre salamandre de feu salamandre tacheté salanfe salei sassariente scenery schmetterling schweiz sea seagull see simplon sky snow spectacle spider still still life stockente storm subject suisse sunrise sunset swimming pool switzerland syrphidae tamaro temps tessin thunderstorm thurgau ticino timeseason tonemapped tour tree trees trekking type urnäsch val valais valle valle maggia valle onsernone valle verzasca vallemaggia valley vallon vallon du van van van d'en bas vecchio vegetation vergeletto verzasca vibrant views village visit water waterfall waterflow what wildlife winter zurich